Player Profiles

I have put together a summary of all the players in the White Gold Area Play. The criteria is that they are within a 65 km radius of the Underworld Resources White Gold property. Any errors or omissions are my own, and if anybody would like to make corrections or additions, please post a comment. Updated July 15, 2009.

It is obvious from the Player Profiles that the area play has OUTGROWN Underworld:

  • The market capitalization of Underworld is approximately $70,000,000 while for the 18 other players (not including underworld) it is already a total of $100,000,000.
  • The Cash position of Underworld is $16,000,000 and the 18 other players have a cumulative cash position of $25,000,000.
  • The Underworld land position is 16,900 hectares while the total known land position of the 18 other players is 71,200 hectares (Underworld still has the single largest land position).
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