Stina Resources Ltd.’s sample analytical data from grid soil and trench samples (2,600 soil samples and 247 bulk rock samples) on the Dime property, located in the Yukon, confirm that soil anomalies are underlain by bedrock rubble-crop that reproduces the anomalies at better grades. Three gold-soil anomalies (Western, Central and Eastern) are apparent. The Western and Eastern anomalies were trenched, and rock sample results confirm the soil results. The Central anomaly has yet to be followed up on.

West anomaly

Trenches 2 to 4 defining an east-trending 200-metre soil and bulk-rock trench sample anomaly, previously reported (see Stockwatch news release dated Aug. 11, 2010), showed a 30-metre zone of silicified metasedimentary rocks returning 0.168 gram per tonne gold between five and 35 metres.

Trench 3 located 100 metres east of trench 2 returned samples of 232 and 288 parts per billion gold over two consecutive five-metre sample intervals.
Trench 4 located 100 metres east of TR-3 returned 0.264 gram per tonne Au over 15 metres between five and 20 metres.

East anomaly

East anomaly (located 2.5 kilometres east of the West anomaly) trench samples have highlighted an area of anomalous gold that returned up to 1,490 ppb Au over a five-metre interval from 65 to 70 metres as well as a number of other samples in the range of 100 to 200 parts per billion. From 65 to 115 metres, the trench assays have returned 0.205 gm/t Au over 50 metres.

Core drilling

Crews are currently on site preparing drill pads on both the West and East anomalies, for a planned drill program to further explore these anomalies. A total of six diamond drill holes have been planned for a total of 750 metres on these two anomalies.

Three to four holes will be drilled on the West anomaly over trenches 2 and 4. These trenches produced anomalous gold and are approximately 200 metres north of a 6,082-part-per-billion gold-in-soil anomaly. The drill will then be mobilized to the East anomaly to complete two additional holes over trench 7 which returned an assay of 1,490 ppb Au over five metres. In this zone, anomalous areas are underlain by strongly oxidized metasedimentary rocks with abundant iron oxide, manganese staining and oxidized pyrite.

Kluane Driling Co. of Whitehorse, Yukon, has been contracted to perform the diamond drilling on this project. Drilling is expected to start next week on the property.

The company expects to release a map showing all of the Dime trenches and proposed drill pads early next week.

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