Pacific Ridge Rollback

Pacific Ridge Exploration has provided the results of its 2009 annual general and special meeting. At the meeting all ordinary resolutions placed before the meeting were passed. Shareholders re-elected John S. Brock, C. Douglas Proctor, R.E. Gordon Davis and Sargent Berner as directors of the company for the ensuing year. PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP, chartered accountants, were also reappointed as auditors of the company and the company’s rolling stock option plan was reapproved.

A special resolution authorizing the approval of a proposed consolidation of the issued common shares of Pacific Ridge and a change in name of the company was also passed. At a subsequent meeting of the Pacific Ridge board of directors, approval was given for consolidation of the issued common shares of the company on a one new share for three old shares basis. The name of the company will remain the same. Approval of the consolidation was required to facilitate future financing of the company as well as the effecting of a property option agreement with a third party, the details of which will be announced within the next few days.

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