Network Exploration Completes Airborne Survey on Yukon Property

Network Exploration Ltd. has completed an airborne geophysical survey of its 25 quartz mineral claims in the Yukon territory.

A low-level, multisensor airborne geophysical survey over the company’s Yukon property collected data from magnetic and radiometric instruments using a Bell 206 BIII helicopter equipped with a cesium vapour magnetometer sensor in a nose stringer (with sensitivity better than 0.01 nanoTesla with compensation) and 8.4 litres of of NaI gamma radiation detection crystals.

Precision GeoSurveys Inc. of Vancouver, B.C., was contracted to perform this survey which is designed to assist in the interpretation of bedrock units, structure and alteration. Survey lines were flown over the approximate 522-hectare property on an east-west orientation (as the regional trend is northwest-southeast) with 100-metre spacing and 1,000-metre spacing for tie lines.

Interpretation of results will be released when available.

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