Hinterland Updates on Ballarat

Hinterland Metals Inc.’s soil geochemical and airborne geophysical surveys are now complete on the Ballarat property and preliminary interpretation of the results is encouraging. The exploration target at Ballarat is gold mineralization associated with soil geochemical and magnetic anomalies similar to Underworld’s white gold discovery located approximately 15 kilometres due north.

The soil survey has identified two parallel, northeast-trending, linear gold anomalies in the northwestern corner of the property. Each anomaly is roughly two kilometres long. The northern anomaly is better defined, more continuous and averages 100 to 150 metres wide. The second anomaly, located about 200 metres southeast of the first, is less definite, irregular and generally less than 50 metres wide. The anomalous gold area corresponds to a magnetic low that occurs on the northwestern margin of a circular magnetic high that covers most of the Ballarat property. The preliminary interpretation of the soil geochemical and magnetic data is that there is a sharp lithological contact between relatively gold-enriched rocks to the northwest with relatively gold-depleted rocks to the southeast. An exploration crew recently spent several days on the Ballarat property and located four quartz veins in the anomalous gold area.

The soil geochemical survey involved the collection and analysis of 1,478 B Horizon soils. The analytical work was completed at Acme Analytical Laboratories Ltd., in Vancouver, B.C. Samples were dried and sieved to minus-80-mesh size and analyzed for 36 elements (including gold) by 15-gram aqua regia digestion, ICP-MS finish technique. Acme is accredited under ISO 9001.

The multisensor geophysical survey airborne geophysical survey was completed by Precision Geosurveys Inc., of Vancouver, B.C., with a helicopter flying grid lines at 100-metre line spacing. A total of 300 line kilometers of data was collected. A high-resolution magnetometer system was used to assist in interpreting bedrock units, structure and alteration. A radiometric system consisting of a multichannel spectrometer with state-of-the-art design and large gamma-ray-sensing crystals was used to map lithologies and alteration.

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