Arcus Development Group Inc. has received all of the results from the 2010 trenching work at its Dawson gold project. The Dawson gold project consists of the Touleary, Dan Man, Green Gulch and Shamrock properties, all located in the White gold area, Yukon.

Mechanical trenching programs were initiated at each of the Touleary, Dan Man and Green Gulch properties during the summer of 2010. No work was undertaken on the Shamrock property during 2010.

Arcus management considers the 2010 excavator trenching program at the Dawson gold project a qualified success. Gold zones requiring additional work were identified in trenches at each of the Touleary and Green Gulch properties. However, as a result of frozen ground conditions, the majority of the gold-in-soil anomalies could not be tested to target depth or extension. All unfinished trenches will be completed and sampled as part of the 2011 work program. Over the course of the winter, Arcus and its geological consultants will investigate alternative methods to excavator trenching for testing gold-in-soil geochemical anomalies in frozen ground.

The results of the 2010 trenching programs follow.

Touleary property

Four trenches totalling 562 metres were completed and 138 samples were collected. As reported in Stockwatch on Aug. 25, 2010, 42 samples from trench 4 (TL-10-04) were collected over a trench length of 204 metres. A 34-metre section of that trench yielded a weighted-average grade of 0.82 gram per tonne (g/t) gold and 14.3 g/t silver. Within the 34-metre section were two five-metre sample intervals that assayed 2.59 g/t gold with 20.0 g/t silver as well as 1.025 g/t gold with 28.8 g/t silver.

An additional 86 samples were collected from trenches TL-10-03, TL-10-05 and TL-10-06 over a combined length of 358 metres. None of these samples returned any significant assay values as the trenches were not completed to the intended target depths or areas. Trenches TL-10-01 and TL-10-02, totalling 550 metres in length, were not sampled as these trenches were not completed to bedrock due to frozen ground conditions.

Green Gulch property

The company collected 128 samples from four trenches at the Green Gulch claim block. The combined length of the four trenches was 628 metres. Assay results from a 20-metre section of trench 2 (GG-10-02) yielded a weighted-average grade of 0.294 g/t gold. No significant assay results were returned from any of the other three trenches at Green Gulch.

Dan Man property

Three trenches totalling 598 metres in length were sampled at the Dan Man property. No significant assay results were returned from any of the 120 trench samples collected. Due to frozen ground conditions, none of the Dan Man trenches were completed to the intended target depth or areas.

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