Alix and Cloudbreak do an Airborne Survey in the Yukon

Alix Resources Corp. and Cloudbreak Resources Ltd. have contracted Precision GeoSurveys Inc. of Vancouver, B.C., to conduct a low-level, multisensor airborne geophysical survey over the 25 recently acquired Yukon “Strike” gold claims. The property will be flown at 100-metre spacings for survey lines and 1,000-metre spacings for tie lines.

A high-sensitivity magnetometer system will assist in interpreting bedrock units, structure and alteration. The radiometric system will consist of a multichannel spectrometer with state-of-the-art design to map rock units and alteration patterns.

The companies are also awaiting results from the lab on approximately 2,000 samples taken from various locations on the companies’ more than 300 claim blocks in the White Gold area.

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