White Gold Area Play Heating Up

Not a single day goes by in the past two weeks without a news release of another company staking claims and citing recent drill results from Underworld Resources in the Yukon as the reason.

This is exactly what happened with Noront Resources in 2007 and with Goldsource Mines in 2008 and their subsequent more than 10-fold share price increase. Area plays can do very well and some of these juniors may end up with results that rival that of Underworld. This is a likely scenario in this case because the White Gold district is in a northwest trending belt of gold rich mineral deposits which include Western Copper’s Casino deposit and Capstone’s Minto mine.  

The White Gold area play has the potential to go for even longer, since it is gold and gold has a long way to go….UP. The Noront and Goldsource plays were effectively killed by the crash in the nickel price and coal price respectively. This area play will go on for a year or even more as field crews are mobilized to the Yukon and news will be flowing constantly over the next year from all the companies involved. The media will report more and more on it, newsletter writers will be hired to promote it, and investors will put more and more money into it. We are still in the very early stages of this area play so it is not too late to get in. Check out the list of White Gold District players on the right sidebar and move your cursor over the price change to see a price chart for each stock from Yahoo Finance.

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